Our butcheries and biltong shops provide meat and biltong that’s rated among the best.

One bite will make anyone understand what the fuss is about. 

Visit any of our below listed stores for a taste of deliciousness.

Komatipoort Butchery & Biltong store


Address: Corner Rissik and Puntjie Street, Komatipoort, 1340


Shop Contact Number:

071 086 2436


Elridge Corner Biltong Shop


Address: Corner ridge and Elizabeth roadBartlett , Boksburg1459


Contact Person: Rentia Volschenk

Contact Number: 082 411 8844 

Shop Contact Number:

078 527 2680


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We only use A-grade and C-Grade certified grain fed Beef, thus supporting sustainable farming practices as well as meat wholesalers.
Our spices mainly consists of a mixture between Brown Sugar, Salt, Thyme, Roasted Coriander, and Vinegar.
Biltong is one of our country`s most iconic cultural treats. As a way of preserving the meat in the early days when cold storage wasn`t available, preserving meat by means of spices such as Salt, Saltpetre combined with drying or curing the meat, was the only option. To prolong the usability of the meat and prevent the product from going bad. As time progressed the general idea or method of making biltong has remained intact with each culture tweaking the recipe a bit to satisfy their tastes. At the heart of genuine South African Biltong lies a lot of dedication, trial and error, resulting in a ready to eat snack for every occasion.