Master of all things meat and poultry
We are a meat farmer, wholesaler and retailer
Fresh meat suppliers to Gauteng
and right through to Mozambique


*Prices are VAT Inclusive.

Oxtail: R 79.95 pkg

Pork Loin Chops: R 59.95 pkg

The Butcher has developed an enviable reputation of being a master of all things meat and poultry. The Butcher was initially established as a farm back in the 1930’s, which eventually prompted our opening of our very first butchery in 2009. With the increased demand for our produce, in 2013, we registered as a fully-fledged fresh meat production company. Our business was developed on a strong foundation of passion to provide superior quality meat and poultry products to lodges, retailers and end-users. We own the whole supply chain, from  farming in Mpumalanga, to supplying meat and poultry to your local grocers, as well as supplying you with meat directly from our butcheries and biltong stores.

Our business mission

Pleasing customers by providing them with custom fresh meat cuts

Excellent customer service

Implementing high hygienic standards

Offering affordable prices, while keeping high quality meat and poultry

We have extensive expertise in the entire food supply chain to manage the process of transporting meat from our farm right through to our customer’s homes in an efficient way, to ensure delivery of the freshest meat and poultry possible.

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